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“Wow that was the best massage I have ever had...My neck and shoulder feel great. That was awesome!”  - satisfied client

Mind-Body Healing - Reiki Yuma AZ

Deep Relaxation & Mind-Body Rejuvenation!

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Sunee’s Therapeutic Spa

Reiki Relax

Signature Foot Chakra Reflexology Spa

Sunee uses traditional Ayurvedic Reflex points to effect many levels  - physically, emotionally, energetically, & spiritually. Balances organ function and release blocked emotions. Balances Chakras to harmonizes energies & facilitate healing of the mind & body using customized 100% Pure Flower Essence & 100% Natural Pure Essential Oils.  1 Hour $105

Chakra Balance Reiki

Brad LMT & Sunee LMT

Call for an appointment: (928) 344-9328

Traditional Japanese Style Reiki

Traditional Japanese Reiki Healing using Universal Energy and original hands on method that Mikao Usui founded in Japan. It is a complimentary healing art that creates the balance and harmony that helps heal mind, body and spirit. Usui Reiki healing is non-invasive, gentle, yet profound. During a session all you have to do is relax and enjoy the healing energy flowing through you. Relaxing, rejuvenating & calming for the mind, body & spirit!

By 6th Generation Master Practioners and Reiki Shihans (Teachers)

Reiki Session 1 Hour $65

Reiki With Relaxing Ther. Massage 1 Hour 30 MIn. $110

Signature Herbal Infusion

Foot Therapy Spa

With 100% Pure Natural Flower Essences, Essential Oils & Herbals to improve health and harmonize energies of Mind and Body. Includes a Herbal Infused Foot Bath, Foot Scrub & Foot Mask to rejuvenate  - helps reduce swelling, soften dead skin cells, improve circulation, removes stagnant energy and detoxifies the skin. Also includes a relaxing customized Foot Massage.

1 Hour 30 Min $115

Sunee’s Signature Rejuvenating Massage

Sunee’s Signature Massage with Ancient Healing Methods for full body rejuvenation! Grounding, calming and soothing, balances and harmonizes Chakra energies to improve health of mind & body! Customized oils and massage for you with 100% Pure Flower Essences & 100% Natural Pure Essential Oils.  Gently melts the stress away!

 1 Hour  $95

Sunee’s Signature Foot Massage

Great for stress relief! Uses Ancient Healing Methods, customized oils and massage for you with 100% Natural Pure Flower Essences & 100% Natural Pure Essential Oils and Herbals with out herbicides or pesticides.  Relaxes the toot, helps reduce swelling, improves circulation, assists lymphatic drainage, relaxes tired feet, draws out heat, negative energy & toxins from the whole body! Calms the whole body, relieves eye strain, improves sleep, assists lymphatic drainage. Regular treatments restores and balances the body vital energy flows!

1 Hour $95